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SATURDAY, December 10, 2022
Why so many NGOs saying what to do?

Why so many NGOs saying what to do?

SUNDAY, August 09, 2015

Now that we, the public, are busy forgetting the TIP (Trafficking in Persons) report for another year, let me offer one more point for consideration. The Nation included an article on July 29 titled "Western NGOs back Tier 3 TIP ranking for Thailand". The

We should be amazed that so many American or other international NGOs are interested in trafficking. Over 40, I’ve been told, are operating in Thailand. Almost all of them – again, as I have been told – receive substantial funding from the US government. 
Regarding trafficking, an issue well known for gross exaggeration and sensationalism, these NGOs could easily be viewed as subversive agents influencing Thai politics. In America, aka “the land of the free”, I can’t imagine NGOs from other countries being able to tell America that it must reform its prison system or have real gun control, for example. So, why Thailand? 
John Kane