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Getting tagged at Playmondo

Jan 15. 2019
Hansa Kraikosol
Hansa Kraikosol
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Playmondo, a brand new amusement park featuring worldstandard rides and a laser gun field dubbed Playsquare Laser Tag for adults and children recently threw upon its door at Forum Zone on Level 2 of CentralWorld.

Hansa Kraikosol, chief executive director of Playmondo Group, a leader in the amusement park business with more than 25year experiences, hosted the grand opening recently.  

“Playmondo is centred on the idea of turning an indoor amusement park into a small planet where children can play and learn safely on rides that can stir their imagination,” Hansa told The Nation. We have chosen a Tardigrade named Phi Mon as Playmondo’s mascot. This animal is known as the world’s most tolerant creature as they can remain in nature in all climate conditions. We want the kids to learn about tolerance and the beauty of nature through this mascot. Playmondo is an amusement park for learning for children from one to 13 years of age.” 

Children can have adventures in four play zones inspired by such natural surroundings as the desert, ocean, volcano, and jungle. Each ride can support growth during childhood. Interactive rides help with cognitive development while reactions are boosted with games like Ball Wall where children throw a ball against the wall and catch it as it comes back to them. Blue Blocks meanwhile enhance the imagination as they work to assemble the blocks in shapes. These activities also develop problemsolving skills, thinking and analysing.

Physical development gets a look in with trampolines, climbing walls and mock up cliff face while social development is generated through the playing experience. All rides and equipment have been designed and produced by a professional team from Europe and America and hold International Safety Certification like European Norm (Europe), and IPEMA and ASTM (USA.)

Playsquare Laser Tag is a place for space warriors to experience an advanced laser field with lighting and audio effects in a galaxy war that enables kids to learn how to observe, defend themselves and visualise in the dark. The illuminated bulletproof vest and laser guns are imported from USA. The field is also installed with protective equipment. Players must be at least 110 centimetres tall to take the weight of the bulletproof vest. 

The grand opening saw lots of celebrities turning out with their kids.

Ticket prices start at Bt550 for kids 75100 cm tall and Bt650 for kids taller than 100 cm. The duration is 3 hours for all rides. 

For Playsquare Laser Tag, the ticket price starts at Bt350 per game and each game lasts 15 minutes with a maximum of 24 players. It’s open daily from 11am to 8pm daily. 

For more information, call (02) 103 2499.


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