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Bulgari ‘Cinemagia’ collection promises drama in the wearing

Sep 17. 2019
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With a serene backdrop of the snow-capped mountains and sacred monasteries of the Himalayas, Bvlgari Asia Pacific has launched its latest high-end jewellery, the “Cinemagia” collection, recently unveiled in Bhutan.

The region’s glamorous high jewellery event was joined by many Thai celebrities to admire the beauty of the collection, including Kalyarat Arkaradejdachachai, Pitak Sapatam and Kim Phornprapha, according to a release from the company on Tuesday.

Cinemagia is a celebration of the Italian maison’s passionate relationship with the silver screen, spotlighting its work as reflecting the same boundless creativity and visionary expertise at the heart of the finest films. Fuelled by the larger-than-life spirit of the “Eternal City” of Rome, the Roman high jeweller once more turns the impossible possible with Cinemagia. Infused with a nearly magical craftsmanship, Cinemagia captures the maison’s demands for unparalleled ingenuity and artisanal craftsmanship. Bvlgari’s vision of beauty always begins with Rome itself and so every Bvlgari design bears Italian “pazzia”, the passion for life. 

The artful collection simply highlights one majestic statement necklace, which demands more than 500 hours of work and pushes the boundaries of jewellery design with singular innovations. The result is inestimable; a masterpiece that turns its wearer into a captivating, scene-stealing star. The “Action!” necklace celebrates the groundbreaking invention of celluloid in 1885. Known for its cutting-edge daring, Bvlgari marks the event with its own innovation, the introduction of zirconium with a striking black-silver sheen. A single goldsmith is encrusted with 32 carats of pave diamonds.

Inspired by the Emerald City in the “The Wizard of Oz”, the “Emerald City” necklace features a show-stopping 21.49-carat emerald. Around the stunning stone, rows of triangular prisms, set with pave diamonds and exceptional emeralds, the one-of-a-kind gemstone instils a jewellery design with matchless glamour. 

More, Bvlgari’s savoir faire with brilliant gemstones, evident throughout the Cinemagia collection, particularly shines with three spellbinding emeralds: a 24.46-carat octagonal step-cut emerald in the “Forever Liz sautoir”, a 34.73-carat cabochon emerald in the “Gina sautoir”, and a 24.31-carat cabochon emerald in the “Forever Emeralds” necklace. Displaying Roman flair, Bvlgari continually combines hues and gemstones in surprising ways to arouse joy worthy of “la dolce vita”, and the “Colour Palette” necklace is no exception. Amethyst, blue sapphire, pink tourmaline, mandarin garnet and green tourmaline cabochons recall the smooth surfaces of eye shadow and blush; an onyx cutout hugs the base of each stone and evokes a makeup compact. The sizeable stones culminate in a monumental necklace.

With masterpieces as marvellous as a fine film, Cinemagia distils the magic of Bvlgari’s High Jewellery workshop, a one-of-a-kind place that fuses the enchantment of the Eternal City and the power of the star jeweller.

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