SUNDAY, April 21, 2024

Sleepless in Thailand? ‘Shall We SLEEP 2024’ offers free solutions

Sleepless in Thailand? ‘Shall We SLEEP 2024’ offers free solutions

With 40% of Thais facing sleep problems, The People, a news outlet under the Nation Group, is hosting the free event "Shall We SLEEP 2024: Wellness Night from Dusk till Dawn" to offer solutions and raise awareness.

"Despite suffering from this problem for years, Thais and others around the world are still facing difficulties sleeping," said Anan Luepradit, editor-in-chief and co-founder of The People.

Doctors say insufficient sleep can lead to stress, fatigue, lack of concentration, memory loss and even heart disease.

That’s bad news for around 19 million Thais who, according to the Department of Mental Health, had trouble sleeping last year.

Anan Luepradit

Anan says the epidemic of sleep problems stems from our stress-filled and fast-changing modern lives.

He urges government agencies to prioritise sleep health, highlighting its benefits for individual well-being and national productivity.

Next Thursday, the Gaysorn Urban Resort in Bangkok will host Shall We SLEEP 2024. The event will showcase innovative sleep solutions covering all five senses – sight, taste, smell, hearing and touch.

Health experts will deliver seminars on how to get a good night’s sleep, highlighted by a talk on "Wellness Night from Dusk till Dawn".

But that’s not all: Participants will also get the chance to take part in activities and win special prizes that promise to aid deep sleep.

Sleepless in Thailand? ‘Shall We SLEEP 2024’ offers free solutions

Register for free at or follow The People's online channels to take part in this event and learn how to unlock the power of restful sleep.

For more information, visit and, or phone 08 9000 9103.