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Even singing can be dangerous

Apr 01. 2020
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Dr Manoon Leechawengwongs, a respiratory disease specialist, said in a Facebook post on Wednesday (April 1) that Covid-19 can be transmitted even when people sing.

He added that this virus is transmitted through the air like tuberculosis.

US media recently reported that 45 out of 60 choral singers had been infected by the virus in a church, even though they had washed their hands before going on stage and had stood a metre or two away from one another. Also, there had been no personal contact among them, and they had not touched each other’s things. Besides, none of the singers showed any symptoms.

“This shows that droplet nuclei can be spread when people open their mouths to sing, and that these droplets can infect people standing at a distance during the incubation period,” the doctor said.

He said the infections among choral singers reminded him of the large number of infections in a South Korean church and at the Lumphinee Boxing Stadium in Bangkok.

Laboratory evidence, so far, shows that the Covid-19 virus can live and float in the air for almost three hours.

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