Military to set up Cyber Command Centre by October

SATURDAY, MAY 25, 2024

Cyber Command Centre to consolidate armed forces’ capability to counter technological threats, effective by October

The Royal Thai Armed Forces (RTARF) have been ordered to set up a Cyber Command Centre by October 1 with the aim of increasing military capability, enhancing cybersecurity and countering technological threats.

The order was issued by Defence Minister Sutin Klungsang during a meeting of the Defence Council this week, Jirayu Houngsub, defence spokesman for political affairs, said on Saturday.

He said Sutin raised concerns over new forms of warfare and global threats, particularly the utilisation of modern technology for attacks or espionage against national-security agencies worldwide.

To raise Thailand's preparedness and upgrade the country’s cyber-warfare capabilities, the ministry has instructed the RTARF to establish a Cyber Command Centre and ensure that it is operational by October 1.

"The establishment of a Cyber Command Centre will feature the consolidation of cyber and digital operation agencies under the army by means of restructuring,” Jirayu said. 

“Meanwhile, the navy will enhance its electronic warfare units under the Naval Cyber Command, and the air force will transfer its network warfare units to the Air Force Cyber Command, which will be placed under the Department of Air Force Information Technology and Communication."

Jirayu further stated that the RTARF has sent personnel to receive training in leading countries with prior experience in cyberattacks. 

This initiative aims to enhance Thailand's cyber capabilities by developing cyber personnel under collaboration with educational institutions, the private sector, and security agencies. The target is to produce 300-500 skilled personnel annually, he said.

Jirayu added that plans are under way to establish a military cyber school to produce cyber personnel for both the military and external agencies.