Friday, August 06, 2021


Are Thai elections a pointless exercise?

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Re: “PM insists polls will be held in February”, The Nation, yesterday



There will be no flooding.
Given the clear, non-stop cheating already on display, is there any reason to believe that the election will be free and fair (enough)?
And, given the above, is there a reason to participate in an unfair and un-free election? No and No.
Sad, sad days for beloved Thailand...
Samui Bodoh
“I don’t know what to do,” Prayut told the gathering.
Four years of Prayut in a nutshell. Couldn't have said it better.
What utter arrogance; he is simply telling the electorate not to vote for Democrats/Pheu Thai or whoever. I think he might be in for quite a surprise, providing he doesn’t rig the election results...
One must certainly understand contemporary Thai history to grasp that the military/elite circles will, and always have, retain dominance. 
Even during the brief romantic periods of so called “civilian” government, the oligarchy pulled the strings for the most part. 
This dreamy talk of open and free elections, a variety of political participants, hope for change, etc is largely whimsical Thai/farang rhetoric. 
Nothing will ever change until the traditional dominion is removed. 
Isn’t it galling the way this man goes around the country engaging in political campaigning – even telling the people that they must NOT vote in a certain way – while no other persons or parties are allowed even the least bit of political freedom for political campaigning? And if he says he is “firm” on a February election – that means we can be sure that there will not be an “election” in February.
Honestly, I’m almost at the point now where I can’t be bothered with Thai politics any more. Unless the Thais themselves do something substantive to put an end to all this nonsense – it will just go on and on in perpetuity.
Mai ben rai.

Published : August 22, 2018