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AP (Thailand) close to hitting sales target thanks to 21 Destiny campaign

Oct 30. 2018
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AP (Thailand), a developer of properties for urbanites, recently revealed successful business performance, thanks to a strong demand for high-end urban townhomes, as it wrapped up its “21 Destiny” campaign.

The campaign, kicked off recently to stimulate the market in the final stretch of the year, involved the offering of new townhomes under the Baan Klang Muang and Pleno brands in 21 prime locations in Bangkok. 

The campaign attracted a lot of attention, allowing AP to rake in over Bt1.5 billion in presales from the campaign itself, pushing the company’s total presales for the year ending October 28 to Bt38.3 billion. This is 96 per cent of AP (Thailand)’s presales projection of Bt39.8 million. 

AP has had a record-breaking year thanks to its decision to offer townhomes that are different and located in prime areas of Bangkok.

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