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Behind the scenes: What Thais do on holiday

The first 24 hours of a holiday are crucial for Thais, with more than half (58 per cent) believing that the first day sets the tone for the rest of the holiday, and nearly half (49 per cent) going as far as to say that these hours can make or break their trip, according to a survey conducted by the travel website

“Holidays are times when we can go to new places, try new experiences and take a break from the routine of everyday life. Expectations often run high and with so much to see and do, a lot rides on those first 24 hours,” said Pepijn Rijvers, chief marketing officer at
But how do these hours play out? What are the ultimate priorities for Thais during that first day on holiday? Here’s what really goes on in the first 24 hours.
First items on the agenda are what you’d expect: Explore around the hotel (59 per cent) and unpack their bags (43 per cent). Meanwhile another 59 per cent choose to go for a long walk after arriving at the destination, and indulge in a local delicacy (53 per cent).
Beyond exploring the accommodation, there are some priorities in the room itself. The research shows that Thai travellers want a room with an amazing view (53 per cent), a comfortable mattress (43 per cent) and a hearty breakfast (38 per cent). That’s followed closely by strong Wi-Fi signal (37 per cent) and excellent restaurant (36 percent).
The research also shows that 21st Century Thais traveller will start taking pictures for social media channels (43 per cent) right away, within the first 24 hours of their holiday, followed by going online to check out local restaurant reviews (32 per cent) and check work emails (12 per cent).
In fact, these tech-orientated activities tend to happen before the more traditional aspects of a holiday like indulging in a first holiday ice cream and hitting the pool.

Published : July 18, 2017

By : The Nation