Bangkokians all for legalising motorcycle taxis, poll shows


Most Bangkokians believe that legalising motorcycle taxi services will offer people more transport options as well as create more career opportunities.

In a survey conducted by Suan Dusit Poll from September 2-6, 96.54 per cent of the 607 respondents agreed with the Department of Land Transport (DLT)’s move to legalise motorcycle taxi services via ride-hailing apps.

Apart from 63.1 per cent saying that this would offer Bangkokians more transport options, 60.96 per cent said calling for a motorbike via an application is far more convenient than having to go to taxi stands. Also, 54.7 per cent said this would offer more career opportunities in the fallout of the pandemic, while 40.03 per cent said ride-hailing applications were more transparent and clients were informed of the fare in advance.

Bangkokians all for legalising motorcycle taxis, poll shows

When asked who should provide this motorbike taxi service, 81.39 per cent said both the general public and current motorcycle taxi riders, 10.21 per cent said only existing motorcycle taxi service providers, while 8.4 per cent said the service should be limited to private vehicle owners.

As for how they would like ride-hailing apps to improve, 61.29 per cent said they wanted to see an improvement in technology and service quality, 55.68 per cent wanted more riders added to the service to cope with rising demand, and 50.38 per cent want accident insurance for passengers to be made mandatory for all service providers.

When asked what they expect from the DLT, 63.43 per cent said the department must push for laws that protect both motorcycle taxi providers and passengers, 62.11 per cent want to see stricter traffic law enforcement, while 51.89 per cent want a transparent, standardised fare structure.