PM2.5 surges again, Bangkok residents told to wear face masks


City officials have advised residents to wear face masks and reduce the amount of time they spend outdoors after fine-dust levels climbed above safe levels again on Saturday morning.

Data from air-quality monitoring stations found that the level of PM2.5 – particulate matter under 2.5 micrometres in diameter – ranged from 42 to 80 micrograms per cubic metre (mcg) of air in 53 areas of the city on Saturday morning.

Any measure above 50mcg is unsafe.

City residents who have difficulty breathing, eye inflammation, chest pain, or headaches after going outside should see a doctor, officials said.

The Thai Meteorological department forecast clear weather and falling pollution levels in Bangkok for the next week. A cold front in northern Thailand is expected to weaken and this will bring cool mornings and clear skies in the afternoon to Bangkok, the department said.

Some areas of the capital, however, will continue to have unsafe levels of air pollution.

City residents have also been warned that as the summer season begins, drier and hotter air could worsen pollution levels.

The Department of Environment said it had instructed all relevant agencies to make greater effort to reduce air pollution and protect city residents’ health.

The top 10 areas of Bangkok with the highest levels of PM2.5 are:

1. Thonburi Market, Thawi Watthana district – 80mcg

2. Ma Charoen Road, Nong Khaem district – 72mcg

3. Seacon Square, Prawet district – 68mcg

4. Khlong Sam Wa district office – 67mcg

5. Phutthamonthon Sai 1 Road, Taling Chan district – 67mcg

6. Bueng Kum district office – 66mcg

7. Thawi Wanarom Park, Thawi Watthana district – 65mcg

8. Bic C Bang Na, Bang Na district – 65mcg

9. Lat Krabang Hospital, Lat Krabang district – 64mcg

10. Samyan Mitrtown department store, Pathum Wan district – 63mcg

Air quality can be checked daily on the AirBKK application,, as well as the Facebook pages of the Bangkok Metropolitan Administration and Environment Department.

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