Army issues stricter safety order in South after attack

SUNDAY, MARCH 05, 2023

Soldiers investigating insurgent attacks in Narathiwat province have been ordered not to enter locations until they have been verified safe to prevent the loss of more lives, following the deaths of two Army officers in a bomb attack on Friday in the restive border region.

Maj-General Chalermporn Khamkeaw, commander of the province’s task force, said on Sunday that the order came from the deputy commander of Army Region 4 and was intended to ensure the safety of Army officers and volunteers.

"Officials have been instructed to ensure that the scene [they enter] is 100% safe," he said.

Maj-General Chalermporn Khamkeaw

The order follows the deaths of two army officers in a bomb attack on Friday.

The pair were killed and one more was injured in a blast targeting the convoy of deputy Army Region 4 commander Maj-General Paisal Nusang.

The bomb exploded as the convoy passed over it on Baan Irkasae Road in Si Sakhon district at around 3pm on Friday, about 800 metres from an outpost.

Army issues stricter safety order in South after attack

A second attack occurred at 7.50pm on Saturday when suspected insurgents tossed a pipe bomb at Army officers behind a base in Rueso district.

The attack failed. No one was injured.

Army issues stricter safety order in South after attack

Successful attacks by insurgents weakens the morale of soldiers, Khamkeaw said.

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