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TUESDAY, October 03, 2023

SRT to set up new company for high-speed trains in Northeast

SRT to set up new company for high-speed trains in Northeast
THURSDAY, August 17, 2023

The State Railway of Thailand (SRT) plans to set up a new company to operate the high-speed train routes being constructed in the Northeast to develop the country’s rail connections with China, a source said on Thursday.

The new company will be similar to SRT Electrified Train Co Ltd, which runs Bangkok's Airport Rail Link and the SRT Red Line, according to the source.

The Ministry of Transport is studying a possible organisational format for the new company and the study is expected to be completed before year end.

The plan calls for this new company to be set up soon afterwards, so that it can come into existence in time for China’s transfer of technology and knowledge regarding high-speed trains in 11 specific areas to Thai personnel, which is expected sometime late next year, according to the source.

The SRT disclosed on Thursday that construction of the 253-kilometre-long high-speed train tracks linking Bangkok and Nakhon Ratchasima in the Northeast had progressed by almost 24%.

The project costs 179 billion baht. Its construction started in 2017 and the project’s first phase is expected to offer high-speed train services by 2027.

Construction of a 3.5km section between Klang Dong and Pang Asok stations in Nakhon Ratchasima has been completed. The 11km section between Sikhio and Kut Chik stations is more than 98% finished and is expected to be completed later this year, according to the SRT.

Construction of the sections that pass through many areas of Saraburi and Nakhon Ratchasima – including Muak Lek, Kaeng Khoi, and Lam Takhong – has seen progress ranging from 29% to 61%.

Construction of other sections has seen little progress. This includes the construction of a maintenance centre for high-speed trains in Ayutthaya’s Chiang Rak Noi sub-district.