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Thai flag ranks as the third most commonly misidentified flag

Thai flag ranks as the third most commonly misidentified flag

With hundreds of countries across the globe, it's not surprising that there is some overlap in colour scheme and design. But how well can travellers identify the different flags?

Flags are an important symbol of national identity, and they can be a source of pride for many people. But how well do we know their flags?

To find out, tailor-made holidaymaker Travelbag asked 2,000 adults to name which country a selection of flags from around the world represented. The survey revealed which flags people struggle with the most.

The table below shows the top 10 national flags that the people can't name:

Thai flag ranks as the third most commonly misidentified flag

The Thai flag ranks as the third most misidentified flag with over four in five (84%) incorrectly naming the flag

The Indonesian flag tops the list of flags most misidentified, with 88% unable to recognize it. In fact, the flag's red and white colours led almost one in four (23%) to believe it is Poland's flag.

Other than the United Kingdom Flag, the Canadian flag was the most recognizable flag with almost 90% of adults correctly identifying the maple leaf flag

Despite being popular holiday destinations, over 80% of people also struggled to identify the flags for the Canary Islands, Thailand, and Puerto Rico.

Other flags among the top 10 to be incorrectly identified are The Bahamas, the Philippines, the Dominican Republic, Cambodia, the United Arab Emirates and Malaysia.

Natalie Watson, Brand & Campaigns Marketing Manager at Travelbag comments: "The best way to brush up on your national flag knowledge is to get out and explore some of the beautiful destinations they represent. When you're travelling, you'll be surrounded by flags, and you'll have the opportunity to learn about their history and symbolism. You'll also get to experience the culture and customs of the countries you visit, which will give you a deeper appreciation for their flags."

You can find the full research here


Travelbag conducted a survey of 2,000 Brits, asking them to identify 35 of the world's most famous landmarks based on their photos. In addition, they were tasked to identify the location of each of these landmarks, as well as name the flag of 34 of the most popular holiday destinations.

The study was conducted in August 2023.

Some facts about the Thai flag

Thai flag ranks as the third most commonly misidentified flag

Sporting five horizontal red, white and blue stripes, Thailand’s national flag was a mystery to 84% of Brits. 

A fun fact about Thailand’s flag is that it hasn’t always featured these colours – during the 17th Century, it was red with a white elephant at its centre. Elephants have been an icon of Thai culture for hundreds of years but sadly have become an endangered species due to deforestation. 

Fortunately, in 2017 the Department of National Parks announced that the number of wild elephants in Thailand was rising by 7 to 10%, pointing to a more hopeful future for the country’s most treasured animal.