FRIDAY, March 01, 2024

Srettha promises justice for all as fugitive crime boss accuses officials of framing him

Srettha promises justice for all as fugitive crime boss accuses officials of framing him

Prime Minister Srettha Thavisin urged fugitive crime boss Chavalit Thongduang to turn himself in, saying that resisting arrest would be “problematic for all parties concerned”.

The premier’s comment was in response to a video clip shared on social media on Friday that featured a man resembling the 37-year-old fugitive.

Chavalit escaped from police custody in the early hours of October 22 after faking an illness and being admitted to Nakhon Si Thammarat Hospital. He was serving a term of 20 years and three months for multiple crimes, including robbery and illegal possession of firearms.

The man in the video clip, who claimed to be Chavalit, said he had no choice but to flee because he had not received justice. He alleged that two police officers and a public prosecutor had set him up in a drug case, adding that the drugs found did not belong to him.

He said among the four persons arrested during the bust, he was the only one who had not been granted bail. He said he filed several complaints with the Justice Ministry but received no response.

The man then challenged the ministry to crack down on the said police officers and prosecutor, saying he would turn himself in if they were brought to justice.

Srettha said the National Police chief was aware of the man’s allegations of police involvement, adding that he believes all related officials were working to their fullest capacity to ensure the fugitive gets justice.

Separately, National Police chief Pol General Torsak Sukwimol said on Saturday that he has instructed officials to track down the source of the video clip, while related officials were also urged to arrest Chavalit as soon as possible.

Torsak has promised to look into Chavalit’s allegations to ensure justice for all parties. He said any officer found to have broken the law would be met with disciplinary and legal action.

The police chief also urged the public to use discretion when consuming unconfirmed reports shared via social media.