Will you pay every time you leave Thailand?

SATURDAY, MAY 06, 2023

The Revenue Department is conducting a public hearing on the Royal Decree to evaluate the efficiency of the 1983 Overseas Travel Tax.

The public hearing kicked off on Wednesday and will wrap up on May 17, the department said on Friday.

The decree mandates that all travellers, including Thai nationals and foreign expats, pay a tax every time they leave the country. Those travelling by air will be subject to a 1,000 baht tax, while those travelling by sea or land will be subject to 500 baht.

The department said this decree had been issued to prevent an excessive outflow of Thai currency, preserve the country’s balance of payment and increase state revenue.

The tax does not apply to transport and logistics operators, flight crew, holders of border passes, monks and religious pilgrims, consular and embassy officials and their families, workers with tax exemption permits issued by the Labour Ministry, and transit passengers who spend no more than 48 hours in the country.

Violators can face up to three months in prison and/or 6,000 baht in fines.

To participate in the public hearing, visit https://law.go.th/listeningDetail?survey_id=MTg3OURHQV9MQVdfRlJPTlRFTkQ=