Pheu Thai election campaign clip on YouTube unveils key policies in one minute


The Pheu Thai Party has released a YouTube clip, spelling out its key election policies in one minute, and core members of the party have been sharing the clip.

The party posted the “Think Big, Act Smart for All Thais” election campaign spot on its YouTube channel on Tuesday.

The clip uses no narrator but shows only text amid a fast-tempo background music of drums and rhythm.

The clip summarised the party’s key election campaign policies in one minute.

In the “Think Big” part, the party vows to create 20 million jobs with a promised income of 200,000 baht per annum for each individual, if it forms the next government.

The clip also said that the Pheu Thai government would make Thailand the transportation hub for the region and a Southeast Asian hub for festivals.

The party will raise the daily minimum wage rate to 600 baht within 2027.

The clip also promises that the Pheu Thai government will push for starting salaries of 25,000 baht a month for new university graduates, also within 2027.

The party promised to reform the military to make the armed forces professional soldiers, reform the bureaucracy and increase farmers’ income by three fold within 2027, besides formulating measures to prevent future coups.

Pheu Thai election campaign clip on YouTube unveils key policies in one minute In the “Act Smart” section, the party promises to upgrade its pioneering 30-baht universal healthcare programme to provide fast medical treatments to all Thais around the country by requiring them to show only an ID card.

The party also boasted it would push Thai soft power around the world and would ensure that each family would have a soft power to promote.

The clip says it would crack down on drug-makers and sellers, as well as on cyber crimes.
The party aims to achieve GDP growth of at least 5% each year.

The party stated its aim to push for digital governance to provide better and transparent services to the people with efficiency and also push for the drafting of a people’s charter.

Pheu Thai election campaign clip on YouTube unveils key policies in one minute On Wednesday, many core members of the party started sharing the clip. They included Pheu Thai leader Cholnan Srikaew, Paetongtarn Shinawatra, head of the Pheu Thai Family Project, party secretary-general Prasert Chanruanthong and Srettha Thavisin, president and chief executive officer of real estate developer Sansiri Plc. Srettha was recently appointed as an adviser to Paetongtarn.