Move Forward Party apologises to supporters for being unable to form government


The Move Forward Party on Wednesday apologised to its supporters for not being able to form a government. Chaithawat Tulathon, the party’s secretary-general, addressed a press conference after the Pheu Thai Party officially exited the eight-party coalition earlier led by Move Forward.

On a day of major developments, Pheu Thai announced its intention to withdraw from both the memorandums of understanding signed by the eight-party coalition. The first MoU was related to the formation of a coalition government involving eight political parties, while the second MoU involved both the Move Forward and Pheu Thai discussing the selection of the House Speaker.

In crucial talks, it emerged that Pheu Thai did not request Move Forward to reconsider its stance on Article 112 (lese majeste law). Pheu Thai leaders reasoned that almost all political parties they had approached for discussions on government formation did not want Move Forward to be part of the government, regardless of its position on Article 112.

“We apologise to all the parties and supporters that the party could not be successful in forming a government that reflects the aspirations of the people. The Pheu Thai Party, at this moment, has declared its withdrawal from both the MoUs involving all eight parties. Additionally, there were discussions concerning the House Speaker,” Chaithawat said.

Move Forward Party apologises to supporters for being unable to form government

Pheu Thai also did not ask Move Forward to vote for its PM candidate Srettha Thavisin, he said. The party is reportedly worried that if Pheu Thai’s PM candidate receives votes from Move Forward, the senators might not trust Pheu Thai. 

Move Forward would still work wholeheartedly to push forward its political ideology, no matter what its status in politics, Chaithawat said.

He added that the current state of Thai politics demonstrates disparities and inequalities, where the ultimate power does not lie with the people. Move Forward anticipates that the reform of democratic governance would be an urgent agenda, and was pleased that many parties were aligned on this idea, he said.