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WEDNESDAY, February 08, 2023
"You'll never leave the lid up again:" $10,000 toilet makes a splash at CES 2023

"You'll never leave the lid up again:" $10,000 toilet makes a splash at CES 2023

SUNDAY, January 08, 2023

A ten-thousand-dollar smart toilet with built-in Amazon Alexa, mood lighting and automatic seat-lifting and lowering has been making a splash at CES in Las Vegas.

The Numi 2.0 smart toilet from US manufacturer Kohler can also play music, news and weather reports, and features a bidet, a seat-warmer, personalized dryer functions and a self-cleaning feature that uses UV light to kill bacteria and germs.

"You'll never leave the lid up again. It's a completely touchless experience that closes and flushes automatically as you leave the bathroom," explained Andrew Van Gorden, A Kohler Product Marketing Manager, at the company's CES booth in Las Vegas.

All of the Numi 2.0's functions can be easily controlled through the inbuilt Amazon Alexa or a wall-mounted remote control.

"The Amazon Alexa is built into the product so it's embedded within Numi 2.0. It allows you to access a couple of unique features like flush your toilet or start your bidet cleansing experience," said Van Gorden.

"It also allows you to play music, streaming your music through your smart home device. It can play your favourite podcasts and check the news. Maybe while you're getting ready in the morning, check your weather before you get out the door," he added.

For those who like to go standing up, the Numi 2.0 also includes a foot sensor that automatically raises the toilet lid to avoid any splashing.

At CES, the hi-tech toil made an impact on tech enthusiasts.

"I mean, you know, some people can go into the toilet and sit there for a while to take a mental break. And I see the value of that for those people, one of which is my husband. But for me, I'm in and out," said Lilly Wright, a tech enthusiast from California.

"It is definitely interesting. But I think the purpose of the bidet and toilet is, you know, you need to go to the bathroom. You've got to do your work and finish the work and come out. So, I think what do you why do you want all of those features, right?" said Sean Yeom, who travelled to Las Vegas for CES from New Jersey.

Other's thought the price of $10,000 was too expensive.

"The price is too high. I love the features, but it's too expensive. If the price comes down, I would buy it. Especially the self-cleaning," said Beverly Shields, a tech enthusiast from Maryland.