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Hemp advice from high in the Rockies

Jan 21. 2019
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Regarding the legalisation of hemp and cannabis, it’s important to remember that this is a plant, so patents shouldn’t be considered.

Also, growing it indoors in Thailand’s hot temperatures would be a bad idea, since it would only boost costs in air conditioning and electricity. And you don’t really need a light cycle for the indica variety because the sun rises and sets at the same times year-round.

I would encourage the FDA to avoid over-regulation, which would allow large firms to monopolise the crop. Rick Simpson has posted videos online showing simple extraction methods for use in cancer treatment.

I would also suggest that amounts be allowed every Thai and foreigner for personal use. 

There are US states such Florida that have legalised cannabis allowing only rich people to be involved in the industry, which is totally wrong. Colorado has a fairly free market, with more places to purchase than there are McDonalds.

Over-regulation is unnecessary because there has not been a single known death attributed to consumption of marijuana. Aspirin and caffeine cause more deaths.

The reason cannabis became illegal is because US corporations wanted it to be, because there are many products that can be made from this one plant. The seed alone has all the basic amino acids you need to live. 

The Hearst newspapers with help of Dupont spread false propaganda to have marijuana made illegal in the 1930s, saying it would make immigrant men rape white women and that it drove users crazy. They wanted to make paper out of wood using a chemical process at a time when Popular Mechanics magazine came out with a machine to much hemp stalks into a higher-grade paper without chemicals. There is enough profit to go around, for all of Thailand and foreign partners. 

In America at one time, farmers were fined for not growing it. That’s why you see towns with names like Hemp Hill. 

How horrible it is that big business knew cannabis could save a child from 300 epileptic seizures a week and yet opposed legalisation because plants cannot be patented and thus there was no profit to be made. How horrible is it that thousand of individuals have been incarcerated for simple possession, ripping families apart, because of greed for profit? 

The original US flag was made of hemp and the Constitution written on it. So let’s just make hemp products for all the world to enjoy – this is not a toxic plant. 

I encourage Thais to put greed aside and legalise a plant that can be used in the production of everything from plastics to construction materials to natural medicine to food, with enough profit for all. 

God bless hemp!

Roger Fleck 

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