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Foreigners being harassed by TM30 nonsense

Jun 12. 2019
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I am a long-time resident of Thailand who frequently travels abroad for business purposes.

I was told that the Immigration department requires that owners of houses, condos or apartments who rent their property to foreigners must notify officials within 24 hours each time their foreign tenant leaves or enters the country. This is done via the TM30 form. If a non-registered foreigner is caught, they will be fined Bt2,000. This is nothing but harassment of house owners and long-staying foreigners, who are also required to report to Immigration every 90 days and fill in the TM47 form detailing their home address, phone number and e-mail address.

There are rumours floating that Immigration, or perhaps the country as a whole, is short of funds and is thinking up new way of mopping up money. 

This ridiculous way of policing and fleecing foreigners has to stop. It is a concern particularly among the Japanese community in Thailand.

Kaito Yamamoto


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