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Chevy’s going-out-of-business sale sees prices halved

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With General Motors set to end production and sales of its Chevrolet line in Thailand by the end of the year, the prices of all new Chevrolets have been slashed in half. That means the starting price for the latest SUV, the Captiva, is now just Bt499,000.

The end of Chevrolet in Thailand will see 1,500 people lose their jobs at two factories in the East, but it also means more than 4,000 Chevrolets will go on sale for prices starting between Bt200,000 and Bt500,000 less than previously.
Although there’s been no official announcement, all Chevrolet dealerships have posted calculated prices after the discount. 

Photo credit: Chevrolet Thailand official
The cost of a Captiva LS drops from Bt999,000 to Bt499,000 and the LT models from Bt1.099 million to Bt599,000. The premier model is Bt699,000, down from Bt1.199 million.
Smaller discounts apply to Colorado models and Trailblazers. The Colorado Trailboss manual version is priced at Bt775,000, down from Bt859,000. The Colorado High Country 2WD model is Bt775,000, down from Bt998,000, and the Trailblazer 2.5 LT is Bt895,000, down from Bt1.144 million.
The three-year or 100,000-kilometre warrantee still applies on all models. 
Chevrolet has said its service centres will continue operating, but has not yet specified which dealers will continue offering service.

Chevy’s going-out-of-business sale sees prices halved

Published : February 19, 2020

By : The Nation