China's tech giant Huawei hosts cloud database summit in Thailand


Chinese technology giant Huawei hosted the Cloud Database Summit Thailand 2024 here on Monday, aiming to enable the public and private sectors to access next-generation database technologies and accelerate digitalization in the Southeast Asian country.

The summit launched a pioneer program to promote innovation and application of artificial intelligence-native database technologies in the kingdom, with about 20 experts from 15 industries, including local customers and partners, sharing their insights and experiences through keynotes, panels, and a hands-on lab program.

The Thai government released a digital strategy last year to become a data-driven country. To achieve this, a prosperous database ecosystem rooted in local system integrators, software developers, and applications is essential for implementing the national digital blueprint, said David Li, CEO of Huawei Thailand.


The digitalization trend that has swept across all industries demands a robust local ecosystem. With experience investing in database technology for 20 years, the company's latest distributed database technology will offer Thailand a powerful solution to unlocking the full value of data, Li said in his opening speech.

Since entering the Southeast Asian market in 2019, Huawei's public cloud services have grown 20 times in the past four years, making it one of the fastest-growing mainstream cloud vendors in the region. The company has established digital transformation cooperation in multiple industries, such as government, finance, the internet, and retail, said Zeng Xingyun, president of Huawei Cloud Asia Pacific.

Southeast Asia is experiencing rapid digitalization, and data security is of paramount importance. Huawei Cloud places cybersecurity and privacy protection at the forefront, prioritizing these over its commercial interests, while compliance remains the company's top priority, Zeng told Xinhua at the summit.


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