‘Large state agency’ will have mRNA jabs delivered this month, promises Dr Boon

MONDAY, JULY 12, 2021

In a television interview on Monday, Dr Boon Wanasin, chair of the Thonburi Healthcare Group (THG) board, said his group is negotiating the purchase of Moderna vaccines and is also looking into the mRNA vaccine to be produced jointly by Germany’s BioNTech and a Chinese firm.

He added that another vaccine that is being seriously considered is Novavax, which has been found to have more than 90-per-cent efficacy against Covid variants.

He added that to avoid the long-winded, time-consuming procedure of ordering via the Government Pharmaceutical Organisation, he has been looking for other channels that can help bring vaccines to Thailand within this month.

Boon said that for the past month, his team has been negotiating with certain agencies, especially a “large state agency” that is even bigger than Chulabhorn Foundation, to help bring alternative vaccines to Thailand as soon as possible.

He said this large agency is necessary because the vaccine import procedure can only be completed via a government agency. He refused to reveal the name of the agency.