Cyber police offer immediate solutions to prevent theft


After nearly 40,000 people were scammed over the weekend with their bank accounts and credit cards showing inexplicable transactions, the Cyber Crime Investigation Bureau (CCIB) offered a couple of solutions on Monday.

CCIB commissioner Kornchai Klaiklueng said on Monday that the central bank will be advised to have all online stores registered and ensure account holders are notified of all transactions, be they big or small, to prevent such problems in the future.

It is believed that the scammers stole up to 10 million baht by withdrawing small amounts from different accounts. Under the current system, account holders are not notified of small withdrawals.

Police believe the scammers are likely to have used multiple sources to steal the money, including:

• Stealing information via applications that link users’ credit and debit cards to their bank accounts.

• Fraudulent links sent via text messages.

• Credit card and CVV numbers stolen by shop staff and sold in the black market.