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THURSDAY, December 07, 2023

With Rama VI Bridge reopened after repairs, SRT resumes southern train services

With Rama VI Bridge reopened after repairs, SRT resumes southern train services
THURSDAY, February 24, 2022

The State Railway of Thailand announced on Thursday that the Rama VI Bridge could be reopened as usual from February 25.

Ekkarat Sriarayanpong, director of Public Relations Centre of the State Railway of Thailand (SRT), said the SRT had closed the railway line between Bang Sue and Bang Bamru stations temporarily since January 24 to renovate the Rama VI Bridge structure.

The renovation of the Rama VI Bridge has been completed and is ready to resume normal operations from February 25, resulting in all southern routes resuming service, the SRT said

Southern trains that are back in service are:

• Special Express Train No. 43 Bangkok – Surat Thani

• Ordinary train No. 261 Bangkok – Hua Hin

• Speed ​​Train No. 171 Bangkok - Su-ngai Kolok

• Thaksinarat Expressway 31, Bangkok - Hat Yai Junction

• Suburban convoy No. 355 Bangkok – Nong Pla Duk

• Express Train No. 83, Bangkok - Trang

• Express Train No. 85, Bangkok – Nakhon Si Thammarat

• Special express train No. 39, Bangkok - Surat Thani.

return trip

• Suburban convoy no. 356 Nong Pla Duk – Bangkok

• Special express train 40 Surat Thani – Bangkok

• Speed ​​Train No. 172 Su-ngai Kolok – Bangkok

• Ordinary train No. 262 Hua Hin – Bangkok

• Express Train No. 86 Nakhon Si Thammarat – Bangkok

• Express train No. 84 Trang – Bangkok

• Thaksinarat Expressway No. 32, Hat Yai Junction - Bangkok

• Special Express Train No. 44 Surat Thani – Bangkok