Iconic Treasure 2023 breaks auction records, spotlights young artists


Bangkok Art Auction’s ICONIC TREASURE 2023, the house’s grand auction sales of the year result reflects an increasing strength of Thai modern masters’ works that captured both mature and young collectors. The show also brings up-and-coming artists’ breaking auction records with a grand welcome of young artists’ auction debut on last Sunday, November 12th at ICONSIAM.

Muanfun Sirikorn Kunawong, General Manager and Partner of Bangkok Art Auction summarised the sales “This year’s ICONIC TREASURE shows a positive auction climate among Modern art masters such as Suchao Sisganes, Pratuang Emjaroen, Damrong Wong- Uparaj, Tawee Ratchaneekorn and Chakrabhand Posayakrit, in which Suchao Sisganes’s sun-lit masterpiece ended with realised price of 2,321,000 THB.

The Art Toy’s phenomena have strikingly reflected in the sales with The Waiting (Pink Version) edition of 5 ending with a realised price of 1,160,500 Baht, which breaks the estimated ceiling, triple its opening bid.

Mr. Sermkhun Kunawong President (right) and Ms. Muanfun Sirikorn Kunawong (left), General Manager and  Partner, Bangkok Art Auction

Thai Modern Art masterpieces captivate both mature and new collectors

The Thai grand master artists, such as Suchao Sisganes, Pratuang Emjaroen, Damrong Wong-Uparaj, Tawee Ratchaneekorn, Uab Sanasen and Chakrabhand Posayakrit among other Thai modern masters have received a warm welcome with increased interest in Thai Modern Art on the auction stage.

Several masters’ works are well-received among bidders both long-timer collectors and young art enthusiasts, signalling a positive sign that the nation’s legacy masterpieces have passed onto the new generation.

- Lot 23: Suchao Sisganes’s sun-lit oil on canvas (1984) with a realised price of 2,321,000 THB

- Lot 28: Pratuang Emjaroen’s abstract Rainbow-colored Mountain (2004) with a realised price of 1,624,700 THB

- Lot 23: Chakrabhand Posayakrit’s bronze sculpture Phra Buddha Parameenupharb Pisut Anuttara Sangkarmvicha, edition 7/10 with a realised price of 928,400 THB

- Lot 13: Tawee Ratchaneekorn’s Conglomerate of confusion, 2012 with realised price of 812,350 THB

- Lot 33: Damrong Wong-Uparaj Back to Village iconic countryside on canvas (1994) with a realised price of 754,325 THB

- Lot 2: Uab Sanasen’s oil still life (1983) with realised price of 533,830 THB

The Iconic Treasure 2023 Public Preview Exhibition at ICONSIAM

The ongoing hype of ART NOW both in the local and international art scene

Thai up-and-coming artists who have gained their presence in Thailand and abroad, from Gongkan, Kitti Narod, Alex Face, Suntur to ‘Crybaby Molly’ are welcomed with open arms by bidders

- Lot 65: Suntur’s “We’re kissing in the other universe” 2023 with realised price of 1,624,700 THB

- Lot 63: Gongkan’s “The Moon” 2021 with realised price of 1,566,675 THB

- Lot 45: Alex Face’s “Blue Spirit” (2013) with realised price of 1,334,575 THB

- Lot 49: Crybaby Molly’s The Waiting (Pink Version) edition 1/5 with realised price of 1,160,500 THB

- Lot 07: Kitti Narod’s Sunshine (2017) with realised price of 533,830 THB

Suntur’s “We’re kissing in the other universe” (2023) Gongkan’s “The Moon” (2021)


The auction stage is the spotlight for the young artist
Muanfun, General Manager and Partner of Bangkok Art Auction summarized the sales overview “Currently, the auction stage in Thailand does not only present sought-after works of established artists, but we also curate a small portion of the show to present new artists."

The role of auction began in the March 2022 show, with Niam Mawornkanong’s auction debut with skyrocketing results. This year, Niam’s “A Place Where You Can Remember the Sea”, 2017 came as his new high auction record with a realised price of 870,375 THB.”

“The Iconic Treasure series this year welcomes “Hana Jam” as our young artist’s auction debut with eye-popping colourful work “Hold your scissors and made up your mind” ended with a realised price of 92,840 THB.”

Charity Lot: MACKCHA’s Giant Chalotte one-off bronze sculpture ending with realised price of 2.4 million baht

The Iconic Treasure’s charity lot of up-and-coming female artist MACKCHA ended with a realised price of 2,435,400 THB. Trendy Gallery, the representative of the successful bidder brings the proceeds of 1,600,000 THB to Wat Baan Mae Yang Pho, Phrae Province.

MACKCHA’s Giant Chalotte: Mind Whale (2022)