THEOS-2 reveals what Bangkok looks like from space


GISTDA gives Bangkokians first look at images of their city from space

The Geo-Informatics and Space Technology Development Agency (GISTDA) hosted “THEOS-2’s First Images” event on Wednesday, inviting everyone to witness the first images captured by the satellite.

The event was held at ScreenX Cinema at Bangkok’s Siam Paragon mall.

The first images from the satellite capture Bangkok with remarkable clarity. Landmarks, buildings, roads and even cars on the streets as well as boats navigating the Chao Phraya River and the city’s extensive canal system are clearly visible.

THEOS-2 reveals what Bangkok looks like from space

These images are so sharp that they can be used for various planning and management purposes, such as transportation and logistics, urban planning, environmental management and infrastructure development. The satellite data will also be valuable for educational and research purposes across various fields.

THEOS-2 reveals what Bangkok looks like from space

After the successful launch of THEOS-2 aboard a Vega rocket on October 9 last year from the Guiana Space Centre in South America, the satellite smoothly entered its orbit and Thais are eagerly waiting to see how the full potential of this satellite can be utilised.

THEOS-2 reveals what Bangkok looks like from space

Phonthep Nawakitkanok, director of GISTDA's National Satellite Production Centre, said that soon after the satellite was deployed, engineering teams from GISTDA and Airbus began communicating with the satellite. They also conducted tests, adjusted systems and configured various operational systems to ensure stability and compliance with international standards, thereby guaranteeing the accuracy of data obtained from THEOS-2.

“The satellite engineering team encountered challenges and obstacles in their work, but they have learned and exchanged experiences, leading to successful operations. Today, the THEOS-2 satellite is capable of capturing images as commanded,” he said.
From July onwards, GISTDA will offer comprehensive access to THEOS-2 satellite data through a digital service platform.

The first images are available at in high resolution with additional information about each location.
The images can be downloaded at the scale of 1:2000, 1:4000 or 1:8000.
THEOS-2 reveals what Bangkok looks like from space