Stressed activist shifted from Corrections Dept to Thammasat Hospital


Authorities worry about Tantawan’s mental state after she witnessed death of activist Netiporn

Tantawan “Tawan” Tuatulanon has been shifted to Thammasat University Hospital for counselling and care after she witnessed the passing of fellow activist Netiporn “Bung” Sansangkhom, 28.

Both hail from the Thalu Wang (Piercing the Palace) group.

Tantawan, who is also behind bars for lese majeste charges, said in a Facebook post that she had been shifted from the Medical Correctional Institution to Thammasat Hospital at 1pm on Wednesday.

Stressed activist shifted from Corrections Dept to Thammasat Hospital

In an earlier report, the institute said that Tantawan was in good physical condition, though she may be experiencing some weakness. Her ability to walk remains strong as she has increased the consumption of food, it said.

The institute added that both Tantawan, 22, and another activist, Natthanon “Frank” Chaimahabud, are in good and stable condition.

However, this morning, Tantawan was overcome with distress and sorrow after witnessing the death of Netiporn, whose bed was next to hers.

Consequently, the institute arranged for a psychiatrist to provide her with counselling and coordinated with Thammasat University Hospital as there were concerns about the onset of depression.

Tantawan was first arrested in March 2022 for conducting a public poll about royal motorcades but was granted bail soon after.

On January 16 last year, she appeared in front of the Supreme Court and poured red paint over herself, announcing that she was going to revoke her bail as a protest in favour of others imprisoned over lese majeste charges.

When she was again slapped with lese majeste, she launched a hunger strike. She was again granted bail and shifted to hospital. In February last year, she was moved out of the hospital but staged a 52-day-long hunger strike outside the Supreme Court demanding the release of 16 people detained pending trial on charges that stemmed from the anti-government protests that began in mid-2020.

She was arrested again on sedition charges for honking at a royal motorcade on February 4 this year.