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WEDNESDAY, September 28, 2022
LnwShop eyes growth in social commerce

LnwShop eyes growth in social commerce

TUESDAY, April 17, 2018
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LNWSHOP will soon introduce a social commerce service that makes it easier for online vendors to upload their product listings for viewing on social media. 

The company expects the new service will help it to boost revenue by 12 per cent this year from the previous year.
LnwShop managing director Nuttawit Polwattanasuk said the service would be officially launched in the coming months. 
The social commerce service is targeted at online shoppers who like to make their purchases via social media and for sellers who upload details of their products via online channels. 
The products will automatically be displayed on customers’ social media pages.
This year the company has come out with three services to support the operations of online merchants: a logistics channel, chat commerce, and pick pack services.
For the logistics channel, the Lnw back office will connect with two logistic partners, CJ Logistics and Alpha Fast, on a service that allows sellers who have just received orders to print out the address labels of customers from their home or shop as part of easier delivery procedures.
The logistic provider would arrive up to pick up the packages from a vendor’s home or shop, doing away with the need to visit a post office. This delivery service starts from Bt35.
“I think that this logistic service will allow sellers to manage easier deliveries of their products from the their base to the destination,” Nuttawit said. “They do not have to worry about finding time to go to the post office. It also help them to save time overall when it comes to delivering their products to online customers. “
With what the company calls chat commerce, this service allows customers to communicate with sellers, and they can proceed to order products via popular channels such as Line and Twitter. Under the chat commerce service, procedures can follow for the product ordering product process and billing, with the involvement of the back office to support both sellers and online customers. 
For the pick pack service, sellers can drop off their products in the Lnw stock management system. Whenever customers place an online order, it will be sent to the Lnw stock management system, where the staff take care of the product packaging and send it on for delivery to the customers.
 “I think that this pick pack service will be more convenient for sellers, freeing them up to focus on developing their products to support their customers by devoting less attention to packaging and delivery,” Nuttawit said.
He said that the Lnw e-marketplace has more than 607,000 shops and around 80,000 of them are active e-commerce enterprises.
"The e-commerce market in the country is continuing to grow as the online channels provide a new experience and support behaviour of online customers who like to surf the Web on their phones,” he said.
The Electronic Transaction Development Agency (ETDA) reported that in 2017 youngsters aged below 17 spent an average of 5.48 hours a day online, rising to 7.12 hours on the weekend. The top activity online is social media.