Tue, May 24, 2022


Pink, yellow lines  secure ADB funding 

Asian Development Bank (ADB) has signed a Bt9.9-billion loan agreement with Northern Bangkok Monorail Co Ltd and Eastern Bangkok Monorail Co Ltd for construction cost of the pink and yellow lines.

ADB's deputy director general Christopher Thieme said the bank supports infrastructure development in Asia countries. This project will improve the mass transit system in Bangkok and reduce cost of living for residents  in the city.
Northern Bangkok Monorail Co Ltd will operate the pink line stretching from Bangkok to Karai Nonthaburi, totalling 34.5 kilometres.  Eastern Bangkok  Monorail Co Ltd  will  manage the 30-kilometre yellow line from Bangkok to Sam Rong Samutprakarn province.

Published : June 04, 2019

By : The Nation