New life mulled for old buildings


The Treasury Department is considering a let to lease of older buildings for commercial development if the lessee pledges to preserve their historical, architectural or cultural value.

Amnuay Preemonwong, the department’s director general, said it would be a better option than seeing them abandoned or becoming increasingly dilapidated.
The decision would not apply to structures formally registered as historic sites.
The department has about 200 such buildings around the country in its inventory, all signed over by state agencies.
Amnuay said some buildings in Ayutthaya could be turned into boutique hotels or leased out for movie shoots.
Amonrat Klampob, the department’s adviser on real estate development, said 60 of these buildings could be redeveloped now, 21 of them in Bangkok
The lessee would have to collaborate with the department on plans to preserve their inherent value, she stressed.