Over a billion tweets in Thailand makes Twitter a superpower as it announces top 10 brands


Twitter has announced the top 10 brands in Thailand based on engagements during the second quarter, in what has become a yardstick for Twitter-savvy brands. At a time of tight competition, the index reflects the growing use of Twitter by brands to reach out and connect with their target audiences.

AIS (@AIS_Thailand) has topped the list for a second year running, while fast-moving consumer goods and food and beverage brands dominated the index. The newcomers this time are KFC Thailand (@kfcth), Mirinda Mix-it (@MirindaMixit) and LINE TV (@linetvth). 
Arvinder Gujral, managing director for Twitter Southeast Asia, said: “It is no longer enough to simply target demographics. Brands are looking for a way to connect more deeply with their customers. Conversation is Twitter’s superpower. The audience on Twitter are the ones who drive the conversation and define culture. It’s important for brand to listen to what people are saying about their brands on Twitter, because their customers’ voices are authentic and influential.” 
Twitter has become the platform of choice for brands to launch new products and campaigns, due largely to its influential audience, which is receptive to new ideas and like being the first to discover and try new things. 
The brands that made the top 10 list are: 
1. AIS (@AIS_Thailand)
2. KFC Thailand (@kfcth)
3. Samsung Thailand (@SamsungThailand)
4. Lays Thailand (@laysthailand)
5. L'Oréal Paris TH (@LOrealParisTH)
6. Wall's Thailand (@Walls_Thailand)
7. Watsons Thailand (@WatsonsThailand)
8. Mirinda Mix-it (@MirindaMixit)
9. 7-Eleven Thailand (@7ElevenThailand)
10. LINE TV (@linetvth)
Meanwhile, here are the four fasted growing verticals on Twitter in Thailand: 
On the global level, the banking industry as faced a lot of disruption in recent years, yet Thailand’s banking industry has remained ahead of the curve by connecting with customers and reaching out to new ones in a creative manner. #การเงิน (finance in Thai) was mentioned 1.2 million times over the past year on Twitter in Thailand. All major Thai banks are active on Twitter, and they use the platform in a variety of ways. For instance, banks are tapping into popular culture when connecting with the younger generation, such as KBank Live’s (@KBank_Live) recent concert ticket giveaway.
Based on engagement, the top three banks on Twitter in the second quarter are: 
1. KBank Live (@KBank_Live)
2. SCB Thailand (@scb_thailand)
3. Krungsri Simple (@KrungsriSimple)
With AIS (@AIS_Thailand) topping the top 10 index for the second quarter, it’s no surprise that Thailand’s leading telecommunications brands are dialled into Twitter. With multiple product tiers, Twitter is providing an essential platform for the brands to be active on, providing a unique way for them to listen to conversations and join those that matter to them. AIS (@AIS_Thailand) is one of the most active brands on Twitter and in Q2 leveraged the star power of #BlackPink’s #LISA in their NextG campaign, #AISNetworkForAllGenerations.
Based on engagement, the top three telecommunications brands on Twitter are: 
1. AIS (@AIS_Thailand)
2. TrueMove-H (@TrueMoveH)
3. dtac (@dtac)
Beauty enthusiasts are a passionate community on Twitter in Thailand and they are active daily. Sharing tips and experiences, trying out new products and providing authentic reviews to fellow enthusiasts, there were 4.6 million mentions of #แต่งหน้า (make up) in the past year alone. Beauty brands can benefit from these real-time conversations and gain valuable feedback while engaging with customers to better understand their needs.
LipIce Girls World (@Lipicegirlworld) launched a campaign to find out what colours their customers preferred, asking them to “like” to choose soft pink or retweet to choose bright pink. 
Based on engagement, the top three beauty brands on Twitter are: 
1. L'Oréal Paris TH (@LOrealParisTH)
2. LipIce Girls World (@Lipicegirlworld)
3. cutepress (@cutepress)
Fast Moving Consumer Goods/Food and Beverage
FMCG and F&B brands in Thailand work in a highly competitive space. These brands are some of the most active on Twitter with both organic and paid campaigns. They move fast, tapping into moments and understanding customer sentiment. Lots of offers, discounts and fun posts characterise their activities on Twitter.
Based on engagement, the top three FMCG and F&B brands on Twitter are: 
1. KFC Thailand (@kfcth)
2. Lays Thailand (@laysthailand)
3. Wall's Thailand (@Walls_Thailand)

Best practice for brands using Twitter in Thailand
Twitter isn't a one-size fits all platform. Driven by users, Twitter serves the public conversation and users determine what the conversation is. Brands can benefit from this. The days of “buy me” marketing are numbered, as brands aim to better connect with their customers, communicate with them and learn from them. Marketing has become a two-way conversation and Twitter has become the platform of choice for successful brands.
Here are some top tips for using Twitter:
Be part of the conversation
Listen, join in, and create conversation. Twitter is the largest publicly-available archive of human thought to have ever existed and when people are talking on Twitter, brands should listen in. With 1.4 billion conversations on Twitter in Thailand in the past year, this is a great opportunity for brands to learn what their customers are interested in. Use hashtags to search for the conversations that matter to your brand; keep an eye on trending hashtags to know what’s popular right now; and follow opinion leaders and influencers to see what conversations they are taking part in. All this information is at a brand’s fingertips and once you have the knowledge, don’t be shy and join in.
Lays Thailand (@laysthailand) tuned into the moment when in Disney’s latest short, Chip ‘n’ Dale were singing in Thai and this blew up on Twitter. Lays Thailand (@laysthailand) played on the clip’s popularity with a timely and fun post of their own that resonated with their target audience.
Understanding the popularity of Thai TV dramas, LINE TV (@linetvth) regularly starts and drives the conversation around an upcoming episode, capturing the moment and expectations of TV serial fans.
Be creative
Top brands are investing in quality videos and photos to help them stand out from the competition. Create copy that connects with your audience and ensure your brand tone is consistent and authentic to best connect with users and maximise engagement.
L'Oréal Paris TH (@LOrealParisTH) is using stylistic fashion-driven video and photography on Twitter to grab user attention and inspire.
Use hashtags effectively
Use your 280 characters wisely, one or two hashtags per Tweet are enough. Hashtags don’t have to be the brand name; brands may use campaign hashtags. Using a popular hashtag of the moment allows brands to join in the conversation and show they understand the latest trends, but make sure it’s relevant to your brand.