Pepsi goes for big leap forward through “GrabFood” Partnership


Suntory PepsiCo Beverage (Thailand)’s Pepsi cola sector has announced the launch of the Pepsi Lime flavour through its newly formed partnership with GrabFood and the joint campaign “Delicious and Fun with Pepsi Lime Flavour”.

“More and more Thais are ordering their meals through a food delivery service and this is considered a major shift in meal purchasing behaviors of Thai consumers. The popularity of food delivery service is grounded on convenience, variety, as well as promotions allowing consumers to earn more. ‘Pepsi’ is latching on to this emerging trend and partnering with GrabFood to organize a 3-month campaign on the theme of ‘Delicious and Fun with Pepsi LIME Flavor’ to reinforce image of Pepsi as a favorite brand of drinks to enjoy with meals and to directly reach new-gen consumers through fun, fizzy, and amazing food delivery experiences,” said Laddawan Lertwasin, senior marketing manager of PepsiCo Services Asia.
Food delivery applications have significantly changed consumer behaviours according to a recent survey by Kasikorn Research Center. 63 per cent of the sample group said food delivery applications affected their consumption behavior and particularly ordering food on their phones. Up to 88 per cent of the sample group said they order food and drinks from food delivery applications based on promotions and offers.
Chantsuda Thananitayaudom, Marketing Head of Grab Thailand further explained.  “Dining is a crucial foundation of Thai society and culture as it is an activity can bring happiness. GrabFood would like to quickly and efficiently delivery happiness to Thais and we need to constantly maintain our reputation as a food delivery service with an array of finest food and beverages partners to ensure we can answer to sophisticated needs of customers. This partnership with Pepsi which carries an image among Thais as a cola drink brand associated with meals is a pleasing opportunity for GrabFood. We are certain the campaigns we are going to present throughout this 3-month period under this partnership will be able to fulfill demands of consumers.”
This “Pepsi x GrabFood” campaign aims to drive both the carbonated soft drinks and food delivery markets in the last quarter of the year 2019.