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Lao Telecom seeks edge in meeting 5G demand

Oct 16. 2019
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Lao Telecommunication (Lao Telecom), a company jointly managed with Thaicom Plc, recently became the first Lao telecoms operator to demonstrate the potential of 5G services in that country.

At an event at the company’s headquarters in Vientiane, solutions that rely on 5G technology, including smart homes, live broadcasting of 4K TV signals, robotics, virtual reality and speed tests to promote the capacity and capabilities, were demonstrated.

Lao Telecom, established in 1996, is a strategic investment by Thaicom through its subsidiary, Shenington Investments Pte. Thaicom effectively owns 25 per cent of Lao Telecom, and has been supporting it with personnel and know-how in finance, marketing, sales, training, technical needs and strategic planning.

Lao Telecom plans to expand 5G services over the next several years as the technology continues to develop, and more solutions will require the high speed, extremely low latency and the capacity for millions of devices to be connected simultaneously within a small area.

“We are very pleased that Lao Telecom continues to be a leader in introducing new technologies and solutions to Laos – technologies that will assist in the future development of the country,” said Thaicom CEO Anant Kaewruamvongs. 

“It is working with partners across the region to introduce internet-of-things solutions for smart farms, smart homes, smart cities and more to the country.”

Lao Telecom deputy director general Souphon Chanthavixay noted that the Lao Ministry of Post and Telecommunications “is very keen on future developments in 5G networks” and his firm was proud to work with it in developing these networks “that will undoubtedly be an integral part of the country’s future growth”.

“As these new solutions arrive, there will be an increased demand for big data and interconnected networks and services,” added Piyawat Jriyasethapong, also a Lao Telecom deputy director general. “Lao Telecom will work with local and regional partners to develop a network infrastructure that will serve the needs of these modern innovations.”

Lao Telecom has a market share of 50 per cent among telecommunications providers in Laos. It is a joint venture between the Lao government of Lao (51 per cent) and Shenington (49 per cent).


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