GrabFood commences ‘contactless delivery’

FRIDAY, MARCH 20, 2020

GrabFood has introduced “contactless delivery” to ensure hygiene and the health of customers, drivers and merchant partners during the Covid-19 crisis.

Its merchant partners have also elevated safety guidelines in food preparation and packaging. Customers are advised to make payments via GrabPay to reduce the transmission risk.
“Grab has been closely monitoring the covid-19 situation and is prepared to enact necessary measures to promote safety standards for everyone involved,” said Tarin Thaniyavarn of Grab Thailand.
Contactless delivery is starting on Friday (March 20), and drivers will be wearing hygienic masks as they follow the customer’s directions via an in-app chat as to where to place their order. They’ll let the customer know when they arrive, place the food order where it’s wanted and wait for the customer to pick it up.
Both parties should maintain a two-metre distance.
If cashless payment isn’t possible, the customer should place the cash in an envelope and put it where the food order was placed.
Customers can be assured that every step of food preparation in all partner restaurants is safe and clean.