Saturday, September 18, 2021


TMB-Thanachart plan scores of co-location branches nationwide

TMB and Thanachart banks opened 10 co-location branches in March, as an important step forward in the banks’ operations, Praphan Anuphong Ong-ard, TMB general manager and Thanachart chief executive officer, said.



He said the banks aimed to open 91 co-location branches nationwide, including 58 in Bangkok and 33 in other provinces. In April and May, 13 branches will be opened.
Praphan explained that the co-location branches are to enhance the service quality of the banks. They have received positive feedback from both customers and staff, he added.
He said that the co-location branches were and will be opened in locations where the two banks already operated. Besides, the locations must be business areas, with density of transactions and customers.
He said the complete management of the co-location branches could facilitate the banks’ customers in products and services. Moreover, the sales and service model has been improved to serve customers in person, with better financial advisory service.

Published : April 18, 2020