Wed, December 08, 2021


Huge MSC Istanbul cargo ship docks at Laem Chabang Port

Hutchison Ports Thailand (HPT) said that the company had welcomed the MSC Istanbul cargo ship at its D1 dock in Laem Chanbang Port in Chonburi province on July 1.

“This is the first time that a cargo ship so grand in size has docked in Thailand. We are planning to open our docks to more ships in the same grade that come from Europe, Asia and western Americas every week,” said the company.
The MSC Istanbul is Mediterranean Shipping Company’s largest cargo ship with a capacity of 16,000 ETUs (equivalent twenty units, or 20-foot long containers). It is 399 metres long and 54 metres wide and can carry a maximum load of 176,490 tonnes.
“The ship is part of the 2M Lion-Jaguar weekly shipping line that links Thailand’s exporters to overseas markets in Europe, Asia and Americas and helps boost the economy in the Southeast Asian region,” added the company.
Hutchison Ports Thailand is a specialised cargo shipping operator located in Laem Chabang Port, Thailand’s largest port in Chonburi province, only 130km. southeast of Bangkok. The company provides one-stop cargo shipping services as well as operates dual-track transport routes to product distribution centres nationwide. HPT operates A2, A3, C1, C2 and D1 docks in Laem Chabang and is now developing the D2 and D3 docks, scheduled to open in the near future.

Published : July 03, 2020