Tue, May 17, 2022


15 foreign companies investing over Bt3 billion get FBA approval in April

The governments Business Development Department gave approvals to 15 foreign companies under the Foreign Business Act (FBA) in April this year.

“These companies, most of them from Hong Kong, Singapore and Japan, were bringing in more than Bt3.08 billion in investment capital into the country and generating jobs for 227 Thais,” department director-general Tossapon Tangsubut said. “These foreign companies have also transferred their technology and business know-how to Thailand, which will be beneficial for our industrial development.”

Tossapon said the sectors that received significant foreign investment in April were petroleum extraction, logistics services, mass transit services, advertising and marketing.

“In the first four months of 2021, 75 foreign companies were approved under the FBA with combined investment value of Bt7.96 billion,” he added.

“Most of the businesses being approved are either directly related to the government’s investment promotion plan or support the country’s infrastructure system, such as the construction of high-speed train routes connecting the three airports.”

Published : May 07, 2021