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Top 10 net buys and net sales last week by foreign investors

Bangkok Chain Hospital Pcl (BCH) had the highest net buys among foreign investors last week, worth THB398.12 million, thanks to the rise in its second-quarter net profit, according to NVDR data on Friday.



BCH's net profit in the second quarter this year was THB1.14 billion, up 311 per cent year on year.

Meanwhile, PTT Global Chemical Pcl (PTTGC) saw the highest net sales among foreign investors of THB1.14 billion due to the falling oil price.

The Stock Exchange of Thailand (SET) Index closed at 1,553.18 on Friday, up 1.62 per cent compared to 1,528.32 at close the previous week.

Considering the types of investors, local institutions, proprietary trading and local individuals on Friday made net purchases of THB523.43 million, THB267.65 million, and THB1.78 billion, respectively.

However, foreign investors made net sales of THB2.57 billion.

Top ten stocks with the highest net buys among foreign investors last week were:

Bangkok Chain Hospital Pcl (BCH): THB398.12 million

Banpu Pcl (BANPU): THB200.02 million

CP All Pcl (CPALL): THB171.10 million

Eastern Polymer Group Pcl (EPG): THB161.51 million

Advanced Info Service Pcl (ADVANC): THB159.61 million

Krungthai Card Pcl (KTC): THB156.87 million

Gunkul Engineering Pcl (GUNKUL): THB140.16 million

BGrimm Power Pcl (BGRIM): THB131.76 million

Minor International Pcl (MINT): THB127.48 million

Tisco Financial Group Pcl (TISCO): THB123.43 million

The top 10 stocks with the highest net sales among foreign investors last week:

PTT Global Chemical Pcl (PTTGC): THB1.14 billion

PTT Pcl (PTT): THB335.65 million

Airports of Thailand Pcl (AOT): THB244.12 million

Total Access Communication Pcl (DTAC): THB190.45 million

PTT Oil and Retail Business Pcl (OR): THB154.18 million

Home Product Center Pcl (HMPRO): THB116.43 million

Srisawad Corporation Pcl (SAWAD): THB98.05 million

Precious Shipping Pcl (PSL): THB89.18 million

Charoen Pokphand Foods Pcl (CPF): THB88.76 million

R&B Food Supply Pcl (RBF): THB87.39 million

Published : August 22, 2021

By : The Nation