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THURSDAY, February 09, 2023
China serious about its ‘Zero Covid’ policy, Thai agricultural expert told

China serious about its ‘Zero Covid’ policy, Thai agricultural expert told

MONDAY, January 24, 2022

The Jiaxing Fruit Wholesale Market in China's Hangzhou city is serious about ensuring all imported fruit is safe from Covid-19, former Department of Agricultural Extension official Sakda Sinives said in a Facebook post on Saturday.

He said a Covid-19 inspection centre has been set up at the market with officials ready to inspect cargo trucks and the products inside.

Sakda explained that all trucks are required to submit documents, including a customs form, inspection and quarantine certificates, Covid-19 test and disinfection reports.

The centre will then conduct a second inspection by testing the truck drivers for Covid-19, disinfecting containers and checking at least six packs of products.

“The test results will be announced within six hours,” he said.

Sakda added that the market’s Covid-19 inspection centre had checked more than 14,000 tonnes of imported fruits last week. He said the market administration department has trained 109 importers on fruit-related data input to track and monitor all fruits accurately.

“This is not a joke. Exporters and farmers must be careful because China is very serious about its ‘Zero Covid’ policy,” he added.