WEDNESDAY, April 17, 2024

Survey shows 82 per cent Thai employees seek hybrid work facility

Survey shows 82 per cent Thai employees seek hybrid work facility

Thai employers have been urged by an international recruitment services firm to consider hybrid work arrangements because its survey has found that most Thai employees prefer a hybrid working environment for better work-life balance.

The Talent Trends 2022 Report survey was carried out by Michael Page Thailand. The recruitment services firm issued an insight summary report titled “The Great X” on June 21.

The Great X report stated that the survey found “a swing towards non-monetary benefits” although salaries and bonuses are still top motivators for Thai job applicants.

“A significant 69 per cent of respondents in Thailand are willing to forgo pay rise and/or promotion for better work-life balance, overall well-being, and happiness,” The Great X report states.

It added that 82 per cent of respondents want a hybrid arrangement between working from home and office.

“As economies improve, companies cannot underestimate the psychological effect that merging 'work' and 'personal' life has had over the past two years. Some 82 per cent of respondents want a hybrid work arrangement between working from home and the office,” the report recommended.

The Great X report stated that the Great Resignation has been happening in Thailand for the past two years and will only intensify in 2022.

“There has been a wave of resignations in Thailand with a large portion [37 per cent] of employees who have been at their current jobs for not more than two years and a significant 81 per cent of employees looking for new career prospects over the next six months,” the report said.

It added that 70 per cent of candidates believe that mental health and well-being should play a part in employee performance and appraisals. Companies must create a positive culture in which employees at all levels feel appreciated.

The report said a significant number of employees has been found to not feel supported at work.

It said 52 per cent of respondents say that their workload has increased compared to before Covid-19. Some 86 per cent believe that their company does not take active steps to ensure work-life balance. Companies need to change things and help employees efficiently.

The report also quoted Kristoffer Paludan, regional director of Michael Page Thailand, as urging Thai companies to start digital transformation.

“Companies starting their digital transformation may find the learning curve steep,” Paludan said. “However, the pay-off is worth it in the long run. Embracing digital tools will be crucial in a world where remote-working has become the norm. Companies that have embraced digitisation have the advantage in a competitive talent landscape, as they will no longer be restricted by geography when hiring.”