PTT tops Thailand’s corporate revenue list for 2021

FRIDAY, JULY 15, 2022

With revenue of 1 trillion baht thanks to rising global energy prices, the national oil and gas conglomerate PTT Public Co Ltd is topping the list of Thailand’s highest earners in 2021.

Creden Data, a company insight and data analytics service provider, recently named the top 10 Thai companies in terms of revenue earned in the 2021 fiscal year:

1. PTT (petrol): Revenue 1 trillion baht (+36.06% year-on-year), profit 67 billion baht (+28.2% YoY)

2. Hua Seng Heng Commoditas (gold, jewellery): Revenue 730 billion baht (+5.38% YoY), profit 78 million baht (+11.04% YoY)

3. PTT Oil and Retail Business (retail petrol): Revenue 490 billion baht (+19.37% YoY), profit 9.1 billion baht (+62.06% YoY)

4. YLG Bullion International (gold, jewellery): Revenue 450 billion baht (+23.56% YoY), profit 66 million baht (+8.44% YoY)

5. MTS Gold (gold, jewellery): Revenue 430 billion baht (-8.46% YoY), profit 21 million baht (+117% YoY)

6. PTT Global Chemical (petroleum): Revenue 410 billion baht (49.77% YoY), profit 37 billion baht (+1,198.63% YoY)

7. Thai Oil (petroleum): Revenue 370 billion baht (36.93% YoY), profit 24 billion baht (+1,756.73% YoY)

8. Toyota Motor Thailand (automotive): Revenue 330 billion baht (-9.64% YoY), profit 11 billion baht (-9.5% YoY)

9. Toyota Daihatsu Engineering and Manufacturing (automotive): Revenue 327 billion baht (-9.32% YoY), profit 1.8 billion baht (-38.15% YoY)

10. CP All (retail): Revenue 320 billion baht (-2.46% YoY), profit 9 billion baht (-36.83% YoY)

Creden Data said PTT, its subsidiaries and Thai Oil have benefited from rising energy prices globally, while the three gold and jewellery companies were in the top 5 thanks to the value of gold still being widely accepted in financial markets worldwide as a foundation for the capitalistic economic system.