dwp I Design Worldwide Partnership revealing its prominence being the industry leader in architecture and interior design, bringing Thailand's design flair to the world stage

MONDAY, JULY 25, 2022

Bangkok – the world is embracing a new way of life and companies must adapt to new trends and emerging technologies to be industry leaders. This is especially true for architecture and design firms. When one thinks of leading design firms, dwp is one of the first that comes to mind: an international market leader in architecture and interior design that has been operating in Thailand for decades.

Ms. Sarinrath Kamolratanapiboon, Executive Director, provided a historical overview of dwp, which was founded in Bangkok, Thailand, “For 30 years, dwp has provided architecture and design services globally from its studios in Asia, Australia and the Middle East. We have withstood the test of time, through our design philosophy of simplicity and elegance and by being a leader and early adopter of new technologies. Our multi-national team has a deep understanding of many different cultures, due to our strong and enduring commitment to the various communities in which we live and work.

Examples of Community Shrewsbury International School

This diverse and inclusive team brings a wealth of different skills and perspectives which enable us to generate the original and innovative ideas that are acclaimed by our clients and users of the places, buildings and spaces that we design. Our range of design skills is exemplified across our three specialist portfolios:

Lifestyle, exemplary projects such as The Mandarin Oriental Hotel, Sirocco rooftop bar, and all the world class restaurants inside The State Tower, were designed by the dwp team.

Community, such as Bumrungrad International Hospital, BDMS, Thonburi Hospital, and Shrewsbury International School are all recent projects from dwp Community portfolio. 

Workplace, dwp latest designs include UOB Thailand Headquarters, Google Thailand Office, Chanel Thailand Office, and K Bank Private Banking Office.

These highly acclaimed masterpieces of design are a source of pride for dwp and the result of our critical thinking, innovation and dedication. Our design excellence is recognised by the many design awards that our clients receive in Thailand and internationally.

Examples of Community Thonburi Hospital

To mention a few recent awards; our design for Diageo won the Office Interior award at the International Property Awards, Smart Dubai Office won Best Commercial Design Project at INDEX Architecture and Design Awards and 98 Wireless by Sansiri won the Global Award for Luxury Residences at The International Design and Architecture Awards.”

Sarinrath went on to say “The strength that distinguishes dwp from other firms may come from dwp’s singular mission that has always been dearly held: ‘Design for a Better World’.         

Examples of Lifestyle Sirocco Rooftop Bar

If you examine our work, you'll notice that we prioritise environmental sustainability with a focus on the next generation and the future. This forward thinking philosophy shapes us to be an organisation capable of coping with and adjusting to any change, as we constantly look ahead. Various factors have recently impacted many organisations but dwp is still running smoothly.” She elaborated, "Due to the nature of our work, our operations rely on being at the forefront of technology, such as dwp Cloud which enables us to work together as one team, collaborating and sharing ideas through three dimensional design, at any time from any location.”

Examples of Lifestyle The Mandarin Oriental Hotel

Sarinrath announced, “dwp has now taken a further step to maintain its reputation as a top-tier international architecture and design firm. We are developing dwp Metatecture, a new and exciting digital experience that will bring client and user creation to the next level”. She concluded, "This will enable dwp to produce unique and appealing designs to support the needs and lifestyles of everyone in the future, raising the bar in fulfilment of dwp’s mission ‘Design for a Better World’." 

Examples of Workplace Google Thailand Office

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