SUNDAY, April 14, 2024

Mama OK, Lay’s cook up yummy flavours in appetising THB40m endeavour

Mama OK, Lay’s cook up yummy flavours in appetising THB40m endeavour

Two major brands – Mama OK and Lay’s – have teamed up to take on the boiling-hot competition in a 40-million-baht venture, launching their “Join the multiverse of yummy goodness” campaign.

The campaign features introduction of two new Mama flavours and Lay’s potato chips called “Chili Crab-Miso Butter”.

The move seeks to whet the appetites of consumers who “love to explore diverse flavours”, the two brands announced as they co-create "vibrant marketing campaigns" to stimulate the existing market.

For the first time in Thailand, two big brands of instant noodles and Potato Chips, Mama OK and Lay's have partnered together to launch the “Join the Multiverse of Yummy Goodness” campaign, featuring two new flavours of Mama OK and Lay’s Potato Chips, “Chili Crab – Miso Butter” in response to the needs of consumers who love to explore diverse flavours, ready to invest 40 million baht to continuously co-create the vibrant marketing campaigns to stimulate the existing market.

Petch Paniangvait, Marketing Director, Saha Pathanapibul PLC., revealed that with its 50th anniversary, “Mama” still ceaselessly puts our effort to improve high-quality products with value and tastes that satisfy the diverse needs of all consumer segments. Most recently, Mama OK products have joined hands with Lay's potato chips to develop new product formulas together and launch 2 new flavours of Mama OK, namely, Chilli Crab Flavor and Miso Butter Flavor. This is to meet the needs of consumers seeking a variety of new flavours while offering product differentiation and vibrance for the instant noodle and snack market.


Mama OK Chilli Crab Flavor is a dried noodle packed with perfect spicy taste, mellow aroma of crab flavour and the unique thick noodles of Mama OK, available in stores nationwide and online. Mama OK Dried Noodles Miso Butter flavour offers a perfect blend of butter and miso flavour, complemented with the Thick and soft dry noodles that are unique to Mama OK, available only at 7-11 convenience stores.

Mama OK, Lay’s cook up yummy flavours in appetising THB40m endeavour

“This is the first-ever brand collaboration between Mama and Lay’s, stemming from the market analysis that Miso butter ramen is very popular among tourists visiting Japan while the famous Jumbo restaurant is a not-to-be-missed place in Singapore, trying their signature dish, Singapore Chili Crab. In this collab, Mama and Lay have pushed the product launch to another level, by developing these 2 flavours and adjusting the recipe to satisfy Thai people’s taste buds. Both brands are targeting the same target group, that is, the new generation consumers who constantly love to explore new colours and new flavour products,” Petch said. 

In addition to the co-creation of yummy goodness in both instant noodle and potato chip products from the most favourite flavours of the two countries, Mama OK and Lay’s have set aside 30-40 million baht for differentiated marketing campaigns and promotional activities. Their unique online campaign aims to penetrate into every social media platform, namely, IG, Twitter, Tiktok, youtube, etc. to spread joy and fun to all consumers who take part in this campaign.

Over the past year, Mama has concentrated more on marketing Mama OK products. Mama’s brand image is adjusted to appear modern and young. Meanwhile, Mama OK’s campaign is the most mentioned on Twitter as the No. 1 Twitter trend every time there is a live via online media. Meanwhile, its TikTok Challenge campaign has achieved as high as 600 million views altogether. 

Pantipar Pongchairerks Marketing Lead - Lay's Pepsi-cola (thai) Trading Co., Ltd., revealed that as the leader in the potato chip market, Lay’s has rolled out new product innovations through co-creation campaigns by collaborating with various partners. This is to continuously deliver fresh, new experiences to consumers in response to the market demand and consumption trends. This time, we saw a marketing opportunity in our collaboration with Mama OK, by launching the “Join the Multiverse of Yummy Goodness” campaign. This collaboration involves new product development, featuring both Lay’s potato chip and Mama OK instant noodle products. It is anticipated that customers will enjoy this new trend, which will undoubtedly generate excitement in the market. The partnership also includes joint marketing activities to create excitement and provide new experiences for the fans of both brands.

Lay's Chili Crab Flavor is a Lay’s real Potato Chips packed with aromatic Singapore chilli crab flavour, matched perfectly with the crispy ridges of Lay’s real potatoes to create an intriguing, tasty snack. The product is available in stores nationwide as well as online. Lay's Miso butter flavour is Lay’s Rock Ridge potato chips inspired by the popular trend of Japanese ramen dishes. The mouthwatering aroma of miso butter flavour that smells like butter and miso is balanced with the delicious crispiness of real potato chips, available only at 7-11 convenience stores.

Bringing in new vibrance, the Company anticipates a positive consumer response to this campaign. It will also help stimulate the snack market to expand like previously. Additionally, Lay’s is awarded the Top Growing Brand in the food category from the Brand Footprint Award 2022 Thailand by Kantar and the Best of Tweets award from Twitter Thailand for two consecutive years (2020-2021). In this regard, Lay’s strives to deliver new experiences for consumers and continues to develop new products to match the ever-shifting needs of customers.