News reports to soon go 3D in real-time on the Nation Group’s Meta News Station


The Nation Group, Metaverse Thailand and Erectrus have joined up together to launch Meta News Station, which promises to turn news reports into a three-dimensional virtual presentation.

The launch announced at the Thailand Metaverse Expo 2022 on Sunday caught the attention of not just the general public, but also IT and NFT experts.

Speaking to the press were the Nation Group’s deputy CEO Adisak Limparungpatanakij, co-founder of Metaverse Thailand Parin Sathianpagilanagorn, who is also managing director of Multi Technology Expert, and Erectrus CEO Chewin Sirisak.

“News media should take advantage of all new opportunities available in the metaverse,” Parin explained, adding that Metaverse Thailand will provide news consumers a platform to enter the virtual world through their avatars.

The company had previously worked with the Tourism Authority of Thailand to launch “Amazing Thailand Metaverse: Amazing Durian” to present virtual durian orchards.

Erectrus will provide technological support by identifying the locations where the reports are coming from, while the Nation Group’s role will be to ensure the news reports are credible.

News reports to soon go 3D in real-time on the Nation Group’s Meta News Station Parin explained that the Meta News Station will allow the audience to be virtually present and exchange opinions with the reporter in real-time.

The station will also serve as a channel for ordinary people, including the disabled, to become trained as citizen reporters.

“This will offer a great new work opportunity for all,” Parin said.

Real-time credible news

Chewin said the term “news” in the virtual world means consumers can virtually transport themselves to any corner of the country where the report is coming from.

He added that the technology provided by Erectrus will allow local people to report from their own communities and open a two-way communication link between reporters and the audience.

Adisak, meanwhile, said the key problem nowadays is fake news being shared via social media and the only way to overcome this will be to identify every reporter on the Meta News Station. He said that identifying the reporter makes them responsible for ensuring the report is correct, verified and credible.

He explained that the Meta News Station will also hand the authority over to local reporters, allowing them to report their stories in a complete and straightforward manner instead of getting the content edited, selected or changed by editors.

He said sometimes when the copy is being edited it can get distorted and sometimes the focus of the editorial section may not correspond to the desire of consumers.

Also present at the press conference was Pongsakorn Udombua, CTO of Vallaris Maps Platform, who said geolocation technology will make it easier to manage and identify locations for virtual news presentations.

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