Major Norwegian marketing campaign plans to tickle Thai palate for seafood


The Norwegian Seafood Council (NSC) has launched a 72-million-baht marketing campaign to promote Norwegian salmon, fjord trout, and Norwegian saba in Thai cuisine, with a goal of increasing sales volume by 20 per cent by 2023.

Asbjorn Warvik Rortveit, NSC director for Southeast Asia, told a press conference on Wednesday that the campaign also aims to introduce Norway as a high-quality and sustainable seafood nation.

"This is the biggest campaign we have ever launched in the Thailand market," Rortveit stated.

He noted that the sales of salmon this year has enabled them to secure a budget for a marketing campaign that would help raise awareness among the Thai public about the innovation, technology, and sustainability of aquaculture in Norway.

Major Norwegian marketing campaign plans to tickle Thai palate for seafood

He said the campaign was being launched in Thailand as the country has the highest salmon consumption in Southeast Asia, followed by Vietnam and Singapore.

An NSC report showed a record total value of 446 billion baht in the total value of Norwegian seafood exports worldwide from January to October 2022. This represents a 14% increase of 54 billion baht over the same period in 2021, equivalent to 37 million meals per day or 25,000 meals per minute.

Thailand saw a 6% increase in volume, totalling 16,100 tons, and a 55% increase in value, amounting to 5.4 billion baht.

The most significant increase has been in fjord trout, where Thailand has become the second-largest export market behind the United States, with a 51% increase in volume totalling 6,600 tons and a 114% increase in value totalling 2.2 billion baht. Norwegian saba has seen a 23% increase in volume this year, totalling 9,400 tons.

"We see a lot of potential for growth here. Although the increase in salmon prices due to logistics costs and inflation will lower the amount, the demand for salmon and other Norwegian seafood remains positive," said Rortveit.

During a downturn, people tend to cut back on their purchases of luxury items such as cars, watches, and formal attire. However, good food is an exception because it is one of the few ways people treat themselves to help them get through this difficult time, he explained.

Major Norwegian marketing campaign plans to tickle Thai palate for seafood

Meanwhile, because Norwegian seafood production is limited in order to protect the overall environment, market prices will remain stable.

"Thailand remains one of our most important markets in Asia and the world, behind China in terms of online purchasing volume, thanks to the popularity of Japanese food. To date, we have had a very satisfying year with total revenue of 72 billion baht. We expect the market value to grow by close to 70% this year," Rortveit said.

Major Norwegian marketing campaign plans to tickle Thai palate for seafood

The total marketing budget, he said, would be used primarily to promote the campaign titled “The Story from the North” through various channels such as TV, PR, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, MRT, BTS, and out-of-home media channels nationwide from August to December 2022.

The campaign will work with Yaya - Urassaya Sperbund, a Thai-Norwegian actress and the first Thai presenter for seafood from Norway to promote the consumption of Norwegian seafood.

The NSC is a publicly traded company, owned by the Norwegian Ministry of Trade, Industry, and Fisheries. It works with the Norwegian fisheries and aquaculture industries to develop markets for Norwegian seafood, representing the country's seafood exporters and the seafood industry.

Norway is the world's leading producer of Atlantic salmon and one of the largest seafood exporters in the world. The country has relied on its strict guidelines, close monitoring, and sustained commitment to development. This includes a 620-million-baht investment from fish farmers each year to fund research and development.