FRIDAY, March 01, 2024

Amazon Global Selling offers Thai SMEs new expansion opportunities

Amazon Global Selling offers Thai SMEs new expansion opportunities

With the pandemic changing consumer behaviour and expanding the e-commerce industry, Amazon Global Selling has created new tools and resources to help Thai businesses cross borders.

The aim is to help Thai companies, especially small and medium-sized enterprises, to establish a foothold in foreign markets.

Anand Palit, Southeast Asia head of Amazon Global Selling, said the opportunity to “capture a piece of the international e-commerce pie is ripe” and Thai businesses should seize it now.

“There are enormous opportunities internationally, and Amazon provides the tools and services that can help Thai businesses lay the groundwork to accelerate their brand sales to the rest of the world,” Palit said.

He added that many Thailand-made products like health items, wooden toys, jewellery and clothes are already very popular in the US and Europe.

Hence, he said, Thai businesses must overcome their fear and take action to expand internationally.

“Our strategy to help Thai businesses succeed is to introduce tools, resources and ramp up support to power independent entrepreneurs to dream big and make Amazon the best place to grow their brands,” Palit added.

He stated that Amazon was working on deepening collaborations across sectors to foster even greater success for Thai businesses.

For instance, he said, to help new businesses get started, Amazon is offering incentives worth up to US$50,000, including Fulfilment by Amazon and advertising credits.

(from left) Jamie Brennan and  Anand Palit

Jamie Brennan, chief of Amazon Global Selling Thailand, said the platform is committed to offering innovative ideas to sellers with a focus on creating growth and new opportunities.

“We have collaborated closely with government agencies to jointly enhance the transformation through cross-border e-commerce, and we will continue to do so in 2023," she said.

Amazon showcases 22 stores, ships products to more than 200 countries and has over 400 fulfilment centres worldwide. 

It also has more than 28,000 people on hand to help out, not to mention the Amazon Seller University which educates sellers in the early stages.

In Thailand, Palit said, the Amazon Global Selling team has come up with dedicated support options in Thai. He added that the team is working on helping more Thai businesses enter the global market and scale up their operations.

Amazon has created the Global Selling unit to help businesses to launch globally from anywhere in the world and reach more than 100 million potential buyers worldwide.