US cloud computing firm sees more room for growth in Asia


Nutanix, an American company that says its platform simplifies and integrates cloud computing, says three key cloud-computing trends are prevalent across the Asia Pacific and Japan region.

The trends were announced during an online media briefing on Tuesday by the company’s vice president of sales for the region.

Aaron White, Nutanix's general manager and vice president of sales for the Asia Pacific and Japan region, said companies need to abandon the patchwork approach to information technology.

White said the three main trends are: 1) identifying true cloud implementation requirements, 2) remaining vigilant and agile in the face of uncertainty, and 3) keeping ahead of the explosion in app development and reigning in database sprawl.

"It's time for organisations to take a step back and abandon their patchwork information technology in favour of more permanent, scalable solutions that will truly stand the test of time," he said.

In terms of the second trend, White explained that macroeconomic uncertainty is putting customers on edge. Companies in the Asia Pacific region are now attempting to figure out how to build resilient, adaptable organisations while controlling costs.

"Standing still is no longer an option, even to maintain the status quo," he said.

Regarding the third trend, he said that many organisations can’t see where everything is located and lack the capacity to manage the sprawl caused by having apps and databases spread across multiple clouds and environments.

"Having a unified environment with the same policies and tooling, visibility across all clouds, and leveraging automation are all necessary for digital organisations looking to take control of their data to succeed," he said.

Aaron White

He also said that the three trends came at a high cost and posed numerous challenges.

As a result, companies must find a management path that balances costs with improving business.

Cloud computing is no longer an option for businesses looking to strengthen their operations and secure their immunity to cybersecurity threats, he said.

Despite fierce competition, the cloud computing segment remains promising and presents more opportunities for growth, White said.

Cloud services have become one of the solutions many companies across the region are using during uncertain macroeconomic times, he explained.