THURSDAY, February 29, 2024

Huawei aims to groom 20,000 Thai IT developers in three years

Huawei aims to groom 20,000 Thai IT developers in three years

Huawei Technologies (Thailand) will focus on grooming at least 20,000 talents and developers in Thailand within three years as part of its sustainable growth strategy.

The announcement came as David Li, the company's newly appointed CEO, unveiled Huawei's six core business directions for Thailand in 2023 at a media briefing on Tuesday.

Huawei's goal is to contribute social values and cultivate local digital talents in addition to achieving business success, he said, adding Huawei Thailand will place strong emphasis on developing information and communications technology (ICT) personnel in Thailand, with the goal of grooming 20,000 developers in three years.

Working-age groups and Thai entrepreneurs in small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) would be included in these figures, he added.

"We aim to develop relevant technology skills for local developers to improve Thailand's digital technologies through activities, skill-building workshops, and certification through Huawei's various training programmes, including youth competitions and scholarships," Li explained.

He also touted the successes in three years of Huawei's business operations in Thailand.

The work primarily included enabling 5G in various industries, establishing three local data centres for cloud service, collaborating with more than 300 partners to enter 10 industries with intelligent solutions, enabling digital power to support Thailand's carbon neutral goal, sharing cybersecurity knowledge, and assisting in the development of over 60,000 digital talents in the country.

Huawei aims to groom 20,000 Thai IT developers in three years

Li said Huawei's six core businesses this year would be: improving 5G network connections by expanding to rural areas; strengthening digital cloud and unleashing its potential to Thai clients; assisting Thai businesses in completely transferring digitalisation via its ICT solutions; supporting the development of new energy for green solutions; upgrading Thailand's cybersecurity on a global level; grooming local Thai workforce for digital skills and educating digital literacy for Thai users.

"We will jointly drive Thailand towards becoming the digital hub of Asean and will push forward intelligent industries, starting with the development of telecommunication infrastructure to enable more connectivity, which we believe is a basic human right. Connectivity will help drive social progress," he said.

Despite the current global slowdown having an impact on global consumption, Li saw steady growth in 5G infrastructure, new energy, ICT and cloud.

He promised many projects and plans to keep growing in Thailand as well as support businesses and startups in Thailand to adopt secure and reliable cloud solutions that comply with the country's Personal Data Protection Act (PDPA) with the aim of enhancing the country on the Global Cybersecurity Index.

Huawei is China's leading global provider of ICT infrastructure and smart devices. The company employs 195,000 people and operates in more than 170 countries and regions, serving over 3 billion people worldwide.